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Working with Jaya has been one of the most impactful experiences in my career.

Through Jaya's mentorship, I gained fresh perspective on my skills and growth areas. In addition to guiding me through challenging situations at work, Jaya modeled self-care and community care to a degree that I hadn't previously seen in a workplace. She reminded me of the importance of work-life balance and rest. At the same time, she taught me what true commitment to racial justice looks like. 

Perhaps most importantly, Jaya taught me to advocate for myself and others. 

I can say with confidence that I am a more assertive, confident, and conscientious professional as a result of Jaya's mentorship. My advice: Do not pass on an opportunity to benefit from her expertise and support!

- Melissa (U.S.)

I had the pleasure of being under the management of Jaya for three years, when she was leading the global corporate outreach department of the charity for which I worked.

The most efficient thing I can say to describe Jaya as a professional is that she is a "rare diamond." She is an extremely rare combination of excellent management and leadership, outstanding integrity, and exceptional work ethic, enhanced further by her personal skills and qualities such as formidable intelligence, fine intuition, and unmatched empathy.

Jaya is the kind of leader you can truly look up to for her ability to match her expertise and competence with her ability to remain humble and always be an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to work under her guidance and influence. 

If there were more Jayas leading the world, the world would surely be a much better place. 

- Carolina (Italy)

Where do I begin? There are not enough praises I can sing or words that I can string together to describe how phenomenal Jaya is. 

Jaya is a force of nature with an unparalleled dedication to representation, equity, and inclusion. I have learned so much from Jaya—personally and professionally—and am grateful for the opportunity I've had to work with her. Her empowering leadership IS the bar that other leaders should aspire to reach. I will continue to advocate for myself and others in the workplace because of her fantastic example.

Working with Jaya is a transformative experience and I highly suggest that you embark on that journey.

- Sydne (U.S.)

I'm not sure there are words to fully express how important my relationship with Jaya has been to my personal growth. It goes far beyond our friendship and professional relationship; I learn something new from her every time I speak to her or read her words, whether about patience, honesty, caring for our communities, or about the overlapping systems of oppression she's dedicated her life to dismantling.

And she always delivers this knowledge generously and warmly, with care and without judgement—but always while maintaining high expectations for herself and those around her, because for Jaya, mistakes are only insurmountable when we stop trying to grow, but that continued effort is non-negotiable. It's rare to find someone with so much integrity and so much energy for change-making, and who accomplishes all of the above with humility and compassion.

Jaya is a true leader in every sense of the word.

- Cailen (U.S.)

I am so thankful for this website because now everyone can learn from the best there is. Jaya has been an absolute inspiration and role model to me. I hadn't met leaders that genuinely care for the personal growth of their peers just as much as their professional growth until I had the privilege of working with Jaya.

All the discussions and reading suggestions Jaya made have helped me be a better person and a better activist. I have learned so much about vegan advocacy, feminism, intersectionality, Black and Indigenous community struggles, all through Jaya's work. 


And lastly, Jaya is one of the reasons why I still believe there is good in the world.

- Priyanka (India)

Jaya was my direct manager for more than two years and I can definitely say that she was one of the best managers I ever had. Jaya is a dedicated professional, precise, and always available to listen.

Dealing with a big international team, she gave structure, but she also made herself available to continuously learn and adapt. She took it upon herself to ensure all our voices were heard and brought them up to upper management whenever possible.

Her guidance and example has been precious for my professional and personal development and I am grateful to have shared part of my path with her. 

- Flavia (Italy)

I had the great honor of learning from and being led by Jaya for about four years. As a Mexican working in a nonprofit where English was highly valued, it was quite a challenge for my first job, but I was fortunate to have an extraordinary mentor in Jaya.

It is difficult to describe Jaya's wonderful ability to create an organizational culture and environment not only productive and efficient in order to achieve its objectives, but one that is also inclusive, reciprocal, and constantly motivating. In addition to her corporate and nonprofit experience, Jaya is able to coach and bring out the best in each and every person in a truly human sense.

Her qualities do not end there: her leadership is generous, powerful, and inspiring, as she prioritizes the wellbeing of employees. Any organization or individual who wants to identify areas of opportunity to reduce forms of oppression, improve work culture, advance their career, or grow in their leadership abilities should not hesitate for a second to work with Jaya. 

- Marbella (Mexico)

Jaya is an exceptional person. She combines her passion for noble causes, determination and skills to inspire others and help them become mindful leaders. She works hard in order to create an environment which is safe for everyone to be in and she communicates clearly and compassionately in every situation. Working with Jaya is not only a wonderful opportunity to learn about the topics in which she holds expertise, but also an incredible chance to grow personally.

- Alessia (Italy)

Working with Jaya was a privilege! She helped me develop into a better employee, being firm when she needed to be, while also making me feel safe and welcomed. She valued my skills and asked me for my input instead of simply telling me what to do.

I saw Jaya not as a boss, but as a leader. The advice she gave me during a difficult time at work gave me courage and helped me value myself. Companies and organizations would be better places if there were more Jayas around. 

- Vitor (Brazil)

It's not easy to find natural leaders like Jaya in the professional landscape. Optimistic, determined, well organized, flexible, communicative, and many other traits define her, a person that makes people grow in so many different aspects. 

I was lucky enough to work with her for two years, when she lead international campaigns for the nonprofit I worked in. With her support and professionalism, she always transmitted the necessary strength in order to bring out the best in me.

- Alex (Spain)

Jaya is not only one of the most passionate and hardworking people I have ever met, she outstandingly combines her deep dedication to both the equality of humans and animals with groundbreaking knowledge. Her strength and wholehearted commitment has resulted in numerous victories for animals, improving or sparing countless lives. I am proud to have had the chance to learn from her as my former supervisor. 

- Dörte (Germany)

I had the opportunity to have Jaya as my manager while working in an animal protection organization. She helped me grow not just on topics related to work, but also on a personal level. 

As a manager, she always cared first for our wellbeing because it's clear for her that humans come before profits. You can see this through the continuous work she does to achieve a better world for people of the global majority as well as nonhuman animals.

- Efren (Mexico)

Jaya is an incredibly talented professional. Her drive and ingenuity when it comes to problem solving is unmatched, allowing for creative solutions and highly productive results. Her energy is contagious, and her kindness and compassion are evident in every interaction she has.


If you want someone who will masterfully work on your behalf or take your project to the next level, without question, Jaya is your person. 

- Ollie (U.S.)

Working under Jaya's leadership has been enlightening. Her brilliant advocacy and negotiations skills, radical and empathetic approach, and geopolitical awareness ​have guided many campaigners from different continents, like me, to tackle some of the most crucial corporate campaigns in the animal protection movement. She founded, managed, and led a team to achieve goals that directly affected the wellbeing of millions of farmed animals captured by animal agriculture.

Jaya's always ready to help others in a professional and personal capacity. Her ethics have led her to protest all kinds of discrimination and driven many other activists to better understand the roots and intersections of social justice issues. Her series #365ActionsForBLM has educated us about the gravity of racial injustice and ways to dismantle oppressive systems in our day-to-day lives. She encourages us to "pass the mic;" support the movements and voices of people who are Black, Indigenous, and of color; and bridge the gap between communities. 

It's been an honor to know Jaya and learn from her. Conversations with her are never dull and one can talk to her about anything under the sun. Jaya is truly one of the most genuine and passionate activists and an expert in her field. She will open doors for you to build a better self and world!

- Sneha (India)

I have had the privilege to know Jaya for many years and she has been a mentor for me in different capacities. She exemplifies compassion, dedication, understanding, and empathy in whatever role she takes on. She is always willing to provide guidance and support and really takes time to listen to you. She is humble in the manner in which she presents herself and is very personable. She is a natural born leader who can inspire others to take on leadership opportunities and is a great example for others in leadership positions. It is evident that Jaya puts her heart and soul into all of her work. It has truly been an honor to work with Jaya throughout the years.

- Melissa R. (U.S.)

Years ago, I had the chance to work with Jaya as a summer intern at an animal protection organization. It’s sort of universally known that interns are often stuck with the menial tasks—but this was not my experience with Jaya. She instead gave us books and articles to read, helped me with my writing, and held daily check-in walks to see how we were all doing. She became a mentor in this short time and was always patient and understanding, pushing us to improve ourselves. Even now, she has gone out of her way to help me when I’ve asked—taking the time to offer valuable advice and insights despite her busy schedule. I’m grateful for having met Jaya and would definitely recommend getting her in your corner.

- Jacob (Luxembourg)

I attended some of Jaya's mutual aid classes this year and I have learned a lot about being a better activist, leader, and manager. Her unique combination of intelligence, a radical approach to anti-oppression, and the practical tips and examples she offers set her apart from other coaches and consultants in this field.


I have also emailed Jaya with questions about management and organisational culture a few times and she has always taken the time to write thoughtful responses with real, actionable advice that has helped me grow.


I'd recommend hiring her without a second thought!

- Aneeha (India)

Jaya is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in developing your own activism praxis, from crafting your own philosophical approach to activism to taking care of yourself as an act of resistance. And it's especially comforting to be in a space that Jaya has created just for people who are Black, Indigenous, and other people of the global majority where we can have frank yet uplifting conversations and support one another.

Jaya has created an affinity space that allows us to be brave as we discuss how to navigate oppressive systems within our work spaces and to create paths for greater liberation both in our professional work and in our lives. Jaya's candor and insight also provide us with opportunities for learning and growth in real time! I now have a greater sense of freedom and direction as I move forward.

- Anonymous (U.S.)

Even from the very first moment I met Jaya, I have always felt heard, supported, and valued—and that's exactly what you can expect from any session with her, too.


Jaya combines joy, empathy, strength, and conviction with years of experience and subject matter expertise time and time again, to everyone's benefit. She's a knowledgeable and inspiring coach and teacher you'll be glad to have in your corner!

- Andrea (U.S.)

If you want a thinker, an educator, and a listener, then hire Jaya for all the things.

I've been so fortunate to co-lead two year's worth of a leadership development program with Jaya and always marvel at her ability to build community with a group quickly while also developing strong personal bonds with individuals that are lasting and real.

Plus, she'll always be ready to swap animal pics with you.  

- Eric (U.S.)

[In her workshop series], Jaya shared her vulnerability and resilience through her story and attitude. This made me comfortable and confident about the new skills I'd be learning and the old baggage I'd be shedding.

- Nancy (U.S.)

Jaya's webinar [Developing Your Inner Activist] took us on an inspiring journey of her own activism development, frameworks, and guiding questions to expand our understanding of activism. I left the webinar feeling empowered, understood, and not alone.

- Anami (Germany)

Jaya Bhumitra is a treasure trove of knowledge (and one of the most organized humans I have ever met)! From impactful animal advocacy and people-centered management, to building an anti-oppressive organizational culture with representation and equity, I have learned so much—both professionally and personally.


Her genuine passion for making the world a better place for everyone is inspiring. She generously shares her valuable time, endless energy, and impressive expertise to empower others to live their best lives. If you get the opportunity to work with Jaya, take it.

- Heather (U.S.)

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