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I’m a social justice activist who cares a lot about empowering people to live freely and with dignity and respect in their work and personal lives. As part of my quest to add meaning to my own life and support others, I'm sharing the knowledge I've gained from 20+ years of professional lessons—honed into a specific expertise in racial, gender, and worker justice—via four kinds of opportunities:

  • 1-1 coaching for people who are Black, Indigenous, and others of color seeking to develop their leadership and management skills, increase their ability to cope in difficult (especially white) workplaces while maintaining their sense of self and preserving power, and ultimately, cultivate a fulfilling career that maximizes their potential.

  • Consulting for Black-, Indigenous-, and people-of-color-led or social justice-driven organizations on good leadership and management (including training of both new and tenured managers)policy development (including writing more protective anti-harassment and -discrimination policies for employees and reviewing compensation programs for equity and fairness); building culture and implementing wellbeing initiatives; and conflicts, accountability, and restorative justice.

Thank you for including me in your journey. I'm happy to be in community with you, creating a better world with you.

Image description: Jaya holds Midge, a Miniature Pinscher and one of Jaya's former companion animals.




Specifically for people who are Black, Indigenous, and others of color, this free, mutual aid program is about leveling up the skills of the racially oppressed in the areas of self-advocacy, management, leadership, and campaigning: skills to balance the scales of power. 


The 12-week series is comprised of 2-hour weekly modules and covers these and other topics:

  • Developing your inner activist

  • Campaigning for your cause through grassroots and corporate outreach

  • Writing (press releases, cover letters, etc.)

  • Negotiating, advocating for yourself, and communicating assertively

  • Building an anti-oppressive work culture (and, if necessary, blowing the whistle)

  • Managing people empathically and demonstrating leadership

  • Handling transitions and planning your ideal life

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